At NeuroMetrix, we believe that technology can empower people to reclaim their lives from chronic disease. Through our long-standing history and clinical expertise, we understand that by tapping into the power of the nervous system, we can detect, diagnose and alter diseases without the side effects of drugs. Our mission is to improve health through technology – by investing in meaningful innovation and gathering data, we can use these insights to transform medicine.

NeuroMetrix was founded in 1996 as a spinoff from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.  We are a leading developer and manufacturer of diagnostic and therapeutic neurostimulation-based medical devices that are used throughout the world.

  • Life Changer! I have been suffering with chronic back pain and knee pain to the point I could no longer walk more than 5 mins without severe pain. I was skeptical about trying this but with the money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose. Within the first day I noticed a huge difference. Now after 1 full week, my pain is almost gone and I can walk without pain. It’s so easy to use and set up. I even forget I have it on. If you have pain, you have nothing to lose by trying this. It will change your life!*

    - Jo P.
  • My Quell was easy to calibrate and position on my calf. My chronic back pain seemed to blur down in intensity. After about two weeks of daily wear, the pain relief was unbelievable. I wear it constantly even when wearing skirts and heels. The real test came the day I forgot to put it on and had a difficult time getting through my normal routine. For non-medicated chronic pain relief, there is nothing more effective than Quell.*

    - "Amazon Customer"
  • I received my Quell 2.0 4 weeks ago. I immediately put it on and started wearing it 20+ hrs daily. I wasn’t sure it was helping for the first 2 weeks but today is week 4 and my pain is down about 80%! I am sleeping better too. I have not had any problems with the electrodes. They last 2 weeks and I could probably stretch it a few more days. I usually leave the electrodes in the same place during the day and switch to the other leg at bedtime. Quell has made a huge improvement in my quality of life!*

    - Robin D.
  • This product changed my life. I work in a hospital for up to 12 hours a shift and with Quell I am now able to comfortably complete my shift with a lot less discomfort and pain. Quell works so well I wear it almost 24/7. Thank you for allowing me to continue working until I retire in comfort.*

    - “ Customer”